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World-famous pizzas, pastas, and wine that will take your dining experience to gastronomical heights.
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Handmade With Love & Cooked To Order

At Al Forno Ristorante Pizzera, nothing is premade or from a can. From our sauces to our dough, we make everything from scratch. Your food is only prepared when your order comes in to ensure 100% freshness.
Person using a ladle to spread pizza sauce on the pizza dough

Serving You A Part of History

The Al Forno world-famous pizzas and bread are made from fresh ingredients and cooked in our historical wood fire oven with over 100 years of history. With the perfect fire comes the perfect pizza.
Pizza cooking in a traditional woodfire pizza oven

Feels Like Going Back To Grandma’s House

No gigantic plates with small portions here. Al Forno serves up sizeable portions with every hearty and delicious dish. We will put beautiful food on your table and a beautiful smile on your face.
A plate of spaghetti in tomato sauce, topped with shredded cheese and basil leaves

Al Forno Familia

Lady smiling and looking at the side while sitting at a table of food
Two ladies smiling and cheers cups of wine over a plate of pasta in a restaurant
Lady smiling and looking at her friends while sitting at a table of food
A lady cheers a group of friends with drinks

Our Culinary Masters

Front profile picture of a man with blue glasses in chef's uniform and toque
After graduating from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Alonso Forno travelled across Europe and has worked in the kitchens of small bakeries, patisseries, and fine dining restaurants. When he decided to settle down in Barcelona, he birthed Al Forno Pizzeria Ristorante to continue bringing you delicious food.
“Italian grandmothers will always feed their families with the best traditional Italian food. Al Forno is your Italian grandmother. We are a family.”
- Chef Forno
A lady in a black chef's uniform tasting food while cooking
Chef Isabella Kucho is the daughter of culinary master, Chef Markus Kucho. Following in her father’s footsteps, Chef Kucho adds something extra to every traditional dish she touches. Get ready to taste something familiar but blows your mind at the same time.
“I’ve been called crazy and eccentric. But these are compliments because it means that I’m taking risks and pushing boundaries to create something beyond delicious.”
- Chef Kucho
A man in a black chef's uniform cooking food in a pan
As an École Hôtelière de Lausanne alumnus, Chef Siva Benour has brought an immense pride to the European culinary scene by being the youngest chef to ever receive the James Beard Foundation award in 2020. With a high standard of quality, Chef Benour serves up food that is nothing short of excellent.
“Life is too short to put something that isn’t perfectly delicious into your mouth. There are endless possibilities in the world and I am here to unleash them.”
- Chef Benour
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